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Furniture Renewed 


The idea of putting a new spin on older furniture is a fun way to reclaim and reuse chairs, tables, and other home furnishings. The chairs and stools that I have recently been working with came to me in very sorry states, but I could see potential in them all and set about repairing, refinishing, and recovering them so that they could have a new lease on life. Many of the pieces I find come to me in various ways...and regardless of how they make their way into my studio... I look for furniture that has a past history, good bones, and interesting lines.  


Some of my chairs are from the turn of the century and others have more recent pasts but are in need of some type of TLC to get them back to a state that makes them presentable and more user friendly. I accept commissions if you have a particular piece thay you may want redone in a way that is more colorful, creative, or wimsical.



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