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Carved Paintings by Deborah Kimsey 

My latest series of art pieces are deeply spiritual in nature, suggesting human and landscape forms. They are instilled with archetypal and mythical symbolism that contrasts and merges with our contemporary world. I employ oil paint as the main colorant and construct these low relief sculptures in a variety of different materials: hand carved and painted wood, found objects, collage, and textiles.


I’m inspired by nature, be it the forest, mountains, or the shore. When not hiking or exploring this gentle yet intense world, I have a secret garden in my backyard where I spend time nurturing my soul and meditating on clouds.


I started out as a painting major at the Cleveland Institute of Art, minoring in Printmaking and Photography. I’ve had an eclectic work life as; a DJ, storyboard and production artist in NYC, printmaker, graphic designer, high school art teacher, special educator for children with learning differences, and school psychologist.


I am a member of the REDUX STUDIOS and have found a home here in Alameda California with fellow artists that deeply care and nurture each other in their individual artistic pursuits. 

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